Actually I Just Woke Up One Day And Decided I Didn't Want To Feel That Way Anymore or Ever Again So I Changed...Just Like That!

Have you forgotten who you are?  Do you struggle in your relationships? Is there a push pull dynamic?  Are you using substances more than you would like?  Is your mind ever quiet?  Are there clear-cut "rights" and "wrongs"? Are you often called "Crazy"  or "Cold" in your intimate relationships?  Have you lost relationships and friendships along the way?  Has the script stayed the same in your relationships and just the main character's name has changed?

Life can be more rewarding by you learning how to be more effective.  It is difficult to be successful in life and relationships when one is never taught the skills necessary to succeed.  This is no fault of anyone’s...IT JUST IS WHAT IT IS! 

Specializing in Individual, Couples, Family & Group Therapy treating Addiction, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), Trauma, Rape, Eating Disorders, Chronic Relapse, Disordered Family Systems, Depression, BiPolar and Anxiety  utilizing several empirically based modalities including Dialectical Behavior (DBT) and Cognitive Behavior (CBT) Therapies.